The saddest dolphin in the world?

     We live in a world of tecnology and technobabble. We tweet, poke, like, unfriend,blog, vlog, share, the list is seemingly endless.

     We are inundated with information and images of every kind from cute kittens to ritual beheadings.

     But sometimes an image catches your attention, it is powerful and arresting and life changes in some way. You cannot forget what you have seen.


     The dolphin in the picture is held captive in a sea pen in a place called Taiji in Japan.* She seemingly stares out to the ocean that she will never roam free in again; for she has been caught for the entertainment industry.

     Stolen from her family and ripped from her home she will spend the rest of her life performing banal tricks in a dolphinarium. Forever caged, condemned to a life of servitude and slavery.

     She haunts me. I do not know anything about her. I want to know what has happened to her. Has she been shipped out? Is she still in her sea pen prison? Is she still alive? Is she even a she?

     The sad fact though, is that she is not alone in her plight. There are dozens of dolphinariums holding dolphins prisoner. Some are captive-bred some are wild caught, but they are all incarcerated. Forever.

     It is time that Mankind woke up to the fact that animals are not put on this earth for our pleasure. Before it is too late.


*Picture Credit: Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians


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