My Friend Is…Wrong.

Powerful, isn’t it?

Convincing, isn’t it?

Believe that each and every “talking head” is committed to stopping the horrors of the cove?

That the slaughter is wrong?

That captivity is wrong?

Woody Harrelson Georgia Aquarium

Picture Credit Georgia Aquarium

It would seem, then, that you and I are in the same boat.

Before you run off to check dates and times, let me tell you that the cove PSA was made at least  TWO YEARS BEFORE this picture was taken last month (November 2012).

Which means that “My Friend” Woody Harrelson is everybody’s friend. Friend to the producers of the PSA and friend to the abusement industry. His bread is buttered on both sides. Except it wouldn’t be buttered, because Woody is a vegan….Right?

When I posted this picture, immediately after I posted the PSA, on the stolendolphins (The Stolen Dolphins of Taiji) Facebook page the response was swift and derisive. Woody was universally condemned for being, uh, wrong. That’s about the politest way I can put it.

Then came something I didn’t expect from a direction that was completely out of view. Condemnation of me, for posting this picture. Nobody batted an eyelid when I posted a picture of Sarah Michelle Geller with a captive Beluga, but suddenly we have to protect “Saint Woody” and not tarnish his reputation. WHY?! He is not a god, he is not a hero who runs into burning buildings with no regard for the danger, he is not serving his country at the front line of a bitter and bloody war. He is a man who gets paid a shed-load of money to play “let’s pretend”.

I have been accused of being ignorant. I have been told: “You’re only helping to promote slavery and discredit the cause.”, I have been called “dumbass” and I have been advised to “quit crying”.

So, let’s get a few things straight. I am not helping to promote slavery by roundly condemning a man who does.

I am not the ignorant one. He is in the picture. He’s the one holding the dolphin’s fins.

Whether my “ass” is dumb or smart is not relevant.

The “quit crying” comment was apparently fired off as all I have done is moan about Saint Woody and nothing else that could be regarded as productive. So, the emails I sent to his agent and publicist were what, exactly? Comes to something when I have to justify my actions. Wrap it up in any paper you want, but to have a pop at me, smacks of both shooting the messenger and diverting away from the undeniable facts.

He has (at the time of writing) offered no explanation or defence of his actions. As individuals we are, therefore, left to draw our own conclusions.

This man was chosen (and probably paid) to appear in a PSA supporting The Cove documentary. Not an advert for a brand of aftershave he’s never heard of.  This man was either chosen or offered his services to this cause because of his reputation of being an animal welfare activist and raw vegan.  This man was chosen as he is an award-winning actor and a Hollywood “star”. This man was chosen because he is a role model that his fans will listen to. This man has demolished the credibility of the PSA.

When asked about what it’s like being constantly conscious, he answered: “It’s exhausting. Everything I do, I try to think, Okay, what are the ramifications?  … The only thing that’s problematic is the constant explaining, the constant need to kind of go, No, I don’t want that because of such and such. I feel like I’m a pain in the ass, and I don’t like being difficult.” ( )

Clearly it’s time to try thinking a little bit harder and being a bit more “difficult”. Oh, and finding out what the word “hypocrite” means.



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  1. You go! Don’t let anyone ware you down!

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