Boycott the boycott….

    ” Stop the Badger Cull, allow badgers to be vaccinated and press forward for a cattle vaccine. 

We the under signed agree to Boycott All English Farm Produce , including meat dairy fruit veg and eggs, basically any thing produced by English farmers, in protest against the Badger Cull. ”  (text taken directly from a  recent petition found on

 Photograph: Natural Visions/Alamy

Photograph: Natural Visions/Alamy
BOTH of the animals in this picture are under threat of death, yet only one of them deserves the right to live?

I am completely against the slaughter of approximately 5,000 badgers. It is simply inconceivable that we should want to eradicate a large percentage of our badgers rather than vaccinate 100% of the beef and dairy herds. Better husbandry is the answer, not mass killings.

I am also completely against the slaughter of 210,000 cattle, yet that is how many were killed on mainland Britain in April 2013 in slaughterhouses alone.
Why are we so keen to protect badgers, but happily allow the mass slaughter of millions of  animals every year?
Why are we even differentiating?  The death of a badger is the death of a cow is the death a chicken is the death of a pig is the death of  a sheep. There is NO difference.

How can you possibly expect any credence if you only boycott a country for just one reason?  Refusing to buy English onions because of the badger cull is very noble, but buying imported Spanish ones robs you completely of the moral high ground  the minute anyone mentions the words “bull-fighting”. If boycotting English shows your displeasure of the badger cull, then equally your patronisation of Spanish produce condones their cruelty towards bulls. You cannot pick and choose, it’s pointless. Moreover, if you take it to the extreme and boycott every country that is cruel to animals in one way or another, you will starve to death, as every single country on our planet is insanely cruel to animals and slaughters them in their millions every single day.  With no sign of stopping.

Surely what we should be doing is supporting our farmers, not demonising them? There are currently only 2 pilot sites for the cull, Gloucestershire and Somerset.  There are another 40 cull sites planned, but not yet publicised. We should be supporting the farmers by buying their produce where ever possible, not boycotting it! They don’t make the rules, they merely follow them.  Why should a Kentish apple producer suffer because of the actions of others on the other side of the country? Badgers have no effect on his harvest, yet we are asked to potentially bankrupt him when he may be as opposed to the cull as we are? Or are we only patriotic when religion is involved? If you really want to help the badgers then donate your time and/or your money to the reputable and genuine badger conservation and protection groups.  Better still, and infinitely more effective, go vegan. That way you can support the fruit and veg and arable farmers in England, but still make your feelings plain regarding badgers and animal cruelty.

A boycott will not change the government’s mind. If anything it may even boost our economy. We still need to eat, which means we will have to look overseas for our produce. Prices will increase, the carbon footprint will increase, the pressure on foreign livestock will increase as demand chases supply. The worst case scenario? We will end up begging Europe to feed us, while our farmers lose their livelihood and their homes, their livestock starves and their crops rot in the fields.

That might sound extreme, but it is the logical outcome to a situation where neither side will capitulate. It is not the way forward. I believe that this government needs to tighten the movement of cattle, apply regular bTB testing to all our cattle and vaccinate them. Every single one.

Then they can leave the badgers alone.                                                                                                            

Every single one.



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