What drives us…divides us.

     Every single one of us who are against the captive industry and the seemingly unstoppable killing of whales and dolphins see it every day. The anger and the hatred and the smear campaigning. Not against the very industries we are working so hard to stop, but against each other.

It has to stop before immature and pathetic individuals bring the struggle for cetacean rights to it’s knees.

Attempts to destroy someone’s credibility through such immature behaviour as passing private facebook messages to one another with the express intention of harming that person, simply because they decided not to do something and then promoting the “downfall” on a closed facebook page where the “victim” suddenly cannot respond because they have been blocked is just ludicrous and a behaviour that any 10 year old would call childish.

It doesn’t help the cause one little bit when so-called advocates drift from aspect to aspect, yesterday it was Taiji, today it’s shark-finning and tomorrow it will be anti-captivity. The more mature of us either stick to one facet of the struggle or we share our time as evenly as possible between as many marine good causes as we can. We don’t tend to try and “bring them down” with laughable and pathetic excuses either. Nor do we call each other names and suggest that someone who was “nice” is now suddenly “nasty” because they don’t agree with your opinion. 

  If we cannot curb this ridiculous in-fighting then we are simply holding ourselves up for the pro-captivity activists to take pot-shots at. Would you blame them? To give credit where it is due, I have seen very very little in-fighting and back-stabbing within the pro-cap community. They are united in their defence of SeaWorld (for example) and have actually declared war on us.



Via facebook page: Shit-Pro-caps-Say

     I am unclear as to quite how a spotty little lad posting from his darkened bedroom is going to carry out that threat, but the passion and the commitment is something that is becoming less and less obvious in anti-captivity, and it could be high time to actually take notice of the pro-caps and maybe even learn a thing or two.

The tactical voting within the Billie Celebrity Challenge is another prime example of the outright bitchiness within the community. So you don’t like a person who works within the organisation who is in the Challenge? So you prevent that worthy organisation from winning by voting for someone else who is so far down the league that they don’t have a hope of winning?  That’s not a very mature attitude. I am not a massive fan of Ricky Gervais, (he has moments of genius  I will admit) but he is a very blunt-speaking and high profile advocate against animal cruelty.  I don’t have to find him side-splittingly funny to appreciate and support him.
Ricky Gervais turning points in compassion

 We need to chuck our ego out of the window and start concentrating on what matters most, and stop trying to damage the very people who we should be supporting. Where is the point in “unfriending” or blocking someone from your facebook page because you and they have a difference of opinion, yet you are both staunch anti-captivity? It smacks of the childhood taunt “I’m not your friend any more” and it’s just ridiculous! We will probably never agree 100% of the time, but we don’t have to!  We should be able to voice an opinion with as much passion as we want and not be ostracized by our own “side”. It raises new aspects of debate and sometimes even adds a previously unconsidered angle. Yes, debates get heated and sometimes (sadly) abusive, so for goodness sake learn when to stop retaliating and maintain a dignified silence. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all that we punish each other and harm the cause over a few over-passionate words.

 We need each other and we are letting the side down. Badly.






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