United We Stand….Divided We Fail.

    Animals of all shapes and sizes are suffering in captivity right now. Orca, bottlenose dolphin, manatee, seal, pelican, tiger, elephant, lion…..the list is almost endless.
     We are united in our desire to help those animals achieve liberty and the chance to be.

Except, of course, when we aren’t wasting time and energy on behaving like toddlers .

We are so committed to helping the animals that we are tearing ourselves apart. Back-biting, in-fighting, bitching, name-calling and personal attacks. All on each other. How the Hell does whining about a fellow advocate you don’t like, help the animals? How do you expect to be taken seriously when you call others on your own side silly childish names? 

Do you want to help end captivity? Or do you just want to have sycophantic followers who agree with your every utterance to massage your ego?

Every single time somebody attacks a fellow advocate the animals lose out. 

What if you only had a limited amount of words that you could use in a day? Would you put them to good use or would you waste them on your own personal hate campaign against someone who fundamentally believes the same things you do?

     We are a small community that cannot afford strike and counter-strike and not-so friendly fire. You are going to come into contact with people you don’t like. You are going to come into contact with comments you don’t approve of.  You are going to find people who are abusive and obstructive. You are going to have disagreements with people.  It’s called “life”. Deal with it, as adults. Not sniping children who have yet to learn better.

     Ask yourself one question.  Do you want the focus of attention to be on your behaviour, or on the fact that you are doing something productive to help end the suffering?

     I am well aware that a huge part of this is due to one particular incident and the catalyst for everything that came after was one particular person.  Everything else simply snowballed and there is a very strong “us” and “them” mentality now. Well, here’s a suggestion that NOT ONE OF YOU will take up.
Why not open up another closed group and invite each other to sit and talk rationally? You want apologies, then ask for them. You want explanations, then ask for them. It is the perfect setting for dialogue between adults. Neutral territory.  If you make no effort at reparation then it can only mean that you do prefer the sound of your own voice, and not the collective harmony of anti-captivity activists all singing to the rooftops.


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