An Open Response to a Tumblr Post.

What follows is a collection of quotes from a tumblr account that I just cannot let go with out commenting on. 
I am not in the habit of shooting people, but if you will stick you head above the parapet…..

This rant was in response to an anti-captivity advocate who does not feel that SeaWorld trainers should be afforded the same social status as firemen or active service personnel (for example) who put their lives on the line on a daily basis. I cannot help but agree.

The quote that begins the tirade:
“I posted the same thing a few days ago on FB. How can someone compare a guy that masturbates an animal to someone who risky his/her own life for a country?”

Fair comment, in my opinion.

Let the rant begin……

“What a disgusting person. Not to mention hypocritical. Artificial insemination doesn’t go on with Tilikum anymore.” (This is the opening line!)

Why is it disgusting? What is disgusting? The masturbation? The fact that the comparison is unfavourable? What?!
Not to mention the fact that Tilikum has never artificially inseminated anyone. He’s just the sperm donor.

“He hasn’t had a calf in 3 years” 

He’s male. He’s NEVER had a calf. EVER.

“Should I also mention his last FIVE births were NATURAL?”

His what were what? He is, as I have already mentioned, male. He doesn’t give birth, and all Orca births are natural. Never heard of a C-Section being performed on a Orca.

Chances are this crazy anti-cap, and others, eat animal products and little do they know, they 100% support abusive artificial insemination. How’s that for being a flat out HYPOCRITE, huh?”

So the author agrees that AI is abusive. But only within food farming? Not Orca farming. What was that word again? Oh, yeah…hypocrite. Do they also embrace a vegan diet? I know I do. No hypocrisy from this quarter.


“The point here is anti-caps don’t like AI because it’s an easy, cruelty-free way of making more captive orcas. Not because a horny male orca gets his wish. And maybe anti-caps are just flat out stupid, (lol just maybe?), but the trainers DO NOT masturbate the whales. Has anyone even seen the Ulises semen collecting video? They are TRAINED to ejaculate into the bag.”

A horny male Orca? Really? He would be “horny” because he has been trained to present his penis so that it can be stimulated. Stimulation is not with porno movies of a pretty female orca, it is a human with a plastic bag and a strong wrist action. Which means that the trainers do masturbate the whales.  Clearly by watching the above-mentioned video they (the humans) are trained to hold the bag at the end of the penis (the bit where the semen is ejaculated) while manually stimulating the penis. The orca has nothing to do with it! Only pre-pubescent schoolboys ejaculate without manual stimulation.

 “I don’t understand why anti-caps are so obsessed with making it seem like every captive orca birth is from his man-handled penis.”

Hang on….I thought you said they didn’t handle his penis? 

“So here we have a park using AI instead of capturing.”
That would be because they are not allowed to wild-capture. (From Washington state, at the very least). Otherwise they would.

“AI has even helped many endangered or near extinct species come back.”

But it hasn’t helped any Orca. The endangered population collectively known as the SRKW’s haven’t benefited from AI. They have lost many pod members at the hands of SeaWorld though.

All this and so much more, simply because marine park trainers are not worthy to be called “hero”.
A hero is someone who unthinkingly risks their life to save others, knowing and accepting that they may lose their own life in the process. Not someone who mucks about in the water with some dolphins and gets to wave at the gawping audience.




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