Seconds Out! Round One!

This is a direct response to “Jane”, who left a response to an earlier entry.  It is quite impossible to debate anything with some people, but it is entirely possible to blog about it. So I am.

“Just wanted to let you know, that you’re a closed-minded ass. :) I respect SeaWorld’s decision to keep Dawn’s death private. She was a loved part of Orlando’s family, and how dare YOU mock it.”

Oh, look! 🙂 A smiley face. 🙂  How twee. 🙂 Do you put little “x” marks over the top of the letter “i” when you write? I just bet you do. 🙂 It was impossible for SeaWorld to keep Dawn’s death private as the media were all over it like a rash and I have never been anything other than respectful towards her memory and the tragic events surrounding her death. Sadly, the same cannot be said of SeaWorld.  Had you actually read my blog instead of getting your attitude out of it’s box you would know that.

“The practice of “filling the orcas with rocks” was not to hide the bodies as you say. Its so that other boats and scavangers didnt get hit while their carcasses were on the surface. Idiot.”

Source Orca Network

Source Orca Network

If you don’t want to take the word of the respected Orca Network then perhaps the words of John Crowe will convince you? Mr Crowe was one of the people who hid the bodies of the orca that were killed during the captures. Or do you call him and the WDC “idiot” as well?

“The whales get a variety of fish including herring, mackeral, salmon, bonita, ladyfish, and squid. Do your research.”

I never said that they didn’t get herring. Learn to read. 

“Postive Reinforcement isnt just food related. Google a seaworld training session. And antidepressants? Please direct me to a link that shows me this. That pharmaceutical company must be reeling in the dough.”

Here you go…

Don’t like it? Well, follow your own advice. “Do your research”, I am not here to spoon-feed you.

“You can sit on that high horse of yours all day, but the truth of the matter is that people are selfish beings. They only care about what they are taught to care about. So although there are few people like who can care about something without ever seeing it, most people wouldnt give too shits without SeaWorld. Just like people dont give two shits about the situation in Africa. Or Russia. Or the melting ice caps. Or the hundreds of marine animals that go extinct every day.”

People might be selfish, but they aren’t all half-brained zombies! Do you like know how many SeaWorld facilities there are outside the USA? Do you even know that there IS an outside of the USA? Quite a few people have never visited SeaWorld. Isn’t that shocking? Yet, get this, they still manage, somehow, to as you so delightfully put it “give too (sic) shits”. Is it possible for you to write something that isn’t littered with banal childish name-calling or just plain vulgarity? I’m fairly certain that a chap called Bob Geldof certainly proffered quite a bit of excrement regarding Africa, and all the people who supported him and raised in excess of £150 million. Russia is a massive country so she probably has a lot of on-going situations, but let’s just focus on the fact that a huge number of people (who probably have never set foot on Russian soil) , myself included, successfully campaigned long and hard for the release of the “Arctic 30”. Many people, even those who have never even seen snow, let alone a melting ice cap, work tirelessly to reduce their carbon footprint and recycle anything that isn’t nailed down to help in their own miniscule way. 

“Also, finally, just because someone leaves a place doesnt mean it’s for a negative purpose (how about some optimism here?) I left college and it was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Leaving college was the best experience of your life? I don’t think you meant to say that…

“If you would stop being so blind and be willing to be communicated with (instead of being so defensive) maybe the rest of the world would join you in this “advocacy”. Until then, enjoy your bubble.”

I’m being defensive? Have you even read any of the original post? If I have such a closed mind (here in my “bubble”) then why an I questioning everything? 

“Oh, one last thing. Florida recently banned manatees from being displayed outside of their native state, and many were released back into the ocean. In the year 2013, over 30% of the national manatee population died and they continually decline due to pollution in their environment and being killed by humans driving boats. That’s what happens when you take animals out of captivity.”

You blame the fact that the manatee were taken out of captivity? Seriously? If they were given a sanctuary away from “humans driving boats” and you clean up the water then maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t be dying! Freedom doesn’t kill anything, human interference and the idiotic mindset that we can only follow the rules we choose kills wildlife! 


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