When children stray into the adult world…

It has been brought to my attention that some very silly people have been doing some very silly things. Now, silly people and silly things have gone hand in hand down the path of stupid since time began and there isn’t the room to mention all of them but I do worry when it becomes apparent that evolution seems to be passing part of the global community by…

The silly people in question…who I assume to be children, as this is suggested by their behaviour…think that they can entrap an OSHA employee by asking them questions about Blackfish and SeaWorld. Juvenile is a word that describes an age group far superior to their nonsensical actions.

So, a little bit of background….the OSHA employee in question has been photographed with some of the people who appear in the documentary “Blackfish”. At what appears to be a social event, I might add and not during “working hours”. This, by my understanding, has led to the OSHA employee being investigated by her own employer; presumably due to a possible conflict of interests. That is only right and fair. If the employee has been found to have crossed a line, then it is for their superiors to establish, NOT a rag-tag collection of SeaWorld groupies bent on the destruction of one persons’ career at the potential expense of the safety of others. See? That’s the thing about dealing with children, they simply don’t understand how cause and effect works and probably assume that the word “ramification” has something to do with sheep.

Let’s get something abundantly clear OSHA are NOT in the business of bringing SeaWorld to its knees. They are, however, in the business of keeping people safe. Bottom line. That’s what OSHA stands for: Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Safe and Healthy at work. If you can’t understand that, then you really have no business being here.

It isn’t about knowing the risks or having a cavalier attitude towards risk-taking, it is about minimising (that’s making smaller) the risks. Something that, before the last tragedy, Blackstone were lobbying to remove. Yep, Blackstone (who have gone on record in the last few days as saying that Dawn Brancheau was at fault by breaking safety protocols) actually wanted to put their employees at a greater risk! A bit like asking a Formula 1 driver to not wear a protective helmet. Everything will be fine, right up until the moment that it isn’t. You have to seriously question the mentality of someone who actively seeks to put the lives of others in danger in the name of entertainment.

Mind you, given the tone of this conversation you have to ask yourself who on earth these people think they are:

Not James Bond

Get Mickey’s lawyers on the phone!

I wasn’t aware that a person under investigation had to take a vow of silence or that it is almost illegal to converse with a minor about an entertainment park. Mickey Mouse is going to be in real trouble when this gets out.

No more talking to minors, Mouse!

No more talking to minors, Mouse!

I fully appreciate that like-minded people chatter and debate among themselves. Of course, within the pro-captivity community that’s all they can do as they will block and ban anyone who presents them with a fact they don’t like. Then they delete the facts. That’s pretty harmless, as the only people they are harming are themselves. But when these same people then actively try to pervert and interfere with the course of an investigation? That’s far more serious.

Still not James Bond

Still not James Bond

A petition to “have her fired”? “Make an anti-cap page and bash her”? This is turning into a pre-pubescent witch hunt! Anyone who boasts about “being good at lying” must be held up for serious questioning. If you have to tell lies, little one it is because you can’t handle the truth. Additionally, the “liar” is known to have engaged in sending hate mail to at least one member of the Blackfish team and has alluded to being responsible for Blackfish not receiving an Oscar nomination. Not just a liar, but a pathological liar.

Even Uncle Jack agrees

Even Uncle Jack agrees

The truth, children, has a way of being found out. OSHA will find out the truth, and your attempts at entrapment are both incredibly foolish and potentially hindering the investigation. Flooding the OSHA mailbox with your emails serves NO purpose and isn’t it illegal to deceive and coerce someone into saying something under duress? Truth is, you could be in serious trouble for this. Petitions and phony Facebook pages set up with the sole intention of deriding, humiliating and, therefore, causing potential pain and suffering to an individual is harassment.  Isn’t that an offence? Potentially a bit awkward too when one of the children claims to be a federal employee.

There goes your promotion

There goes your promotion and credibility

Best bit by far though, is that they are going to send it to “micechat”. Sorry, but that is just laughable. If you want to “expose” someone, you send it to an impartial party, not one that is raving pro-captivity and has connections with several of the people I have generously blanked out in all the above pictures. It’s singing to the choir and feeding the agendas of those just mentioned.

Many thanks to my double agent within this hate group….good idea about the deflection too 😉

Nice deflection

Nice deflection








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