SeaWorld: Getting It Wrong For Half A Century.

Yet another SeaWorld ex-trainer exercises his ego on the periphery of the spotlight in yet another vain attempt to show people how wonderful SeaWorld is.

This time it’s the turn of…..oh, hang on….this person is so proud to have been part of the “SeaWorld Famileeee” that he’s not actually put his name to the article. Not even a nom de plume…..

Oh, you have to watch the drear video that comes with it, 17 minutes of my life that I will never get back watching some bloke treat Orca like toys.


So, the article begins…..

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Wrong right from the get-go.

No. it hasn’t. It has highlighted the plight of the Orca and defined the 2 sides of the debate by bringing them into sharper focus. This suggests that there was no dissent against captive Orca until Blackfish was released in cinema and then on TV. ALL anti-captivity advocates will point you in the direction of the UK, we closed our  dolphinaria last century!

We know it sucks.

Of course you are.

Of course you are.

Possibly because they are outside of the US? Or in a different part of the US? It’s quite big, the US. (We used to own it, but let you have it back. More trouble than it’s worth.) There IS an outside of the US. In fact, there’s a whole world out there that isn’t the US.

Lucky? Really??

Lucky? Really??

How does one equate luck? What is luck? Good fortune? Are you seriously trying to make-believe that an apex predator who has several million years of evolution behind it, is lucky to be cooped up in a tiny concrete tank?

Wild Orca don’t need “world class vet staff” to prescribe antacids and antibiotics and the horrendous “superior dental care” regime. They have evolved to hunt and catch their own food too. Usually in spectacular style. They don’t need “passionate and talented trainers”, for they have no need to be “trained”. They do what comes naturally, including dying a natural death.



“Blackfish” is a documentary. That’s why it’s called that. It isn’t in any way related to “Hollywood”. It’s an indie-movie, produced on a shoestring.



Would SeaWorld be as successful if it presented an unbiased, balanced, two-sided argument? Of course, not.



The deaths of FOUR PEOPLE isn’t a real issue? You have to be joking, because the alternative is too horrible to even speculate upon. Placing the reputation of a greedy self-serving corporation above the lives of 4 individuals just reveals how low a person can sink. That is shameful.

Dawn Brancheau wasn’t a real issue? The mistreatment of Tilikum isn’t a real issue? Are you blind and deaf? Or just as arrogant as they come?

“Blackfish” is about Tilikum. It’s his timeline. It’s his story. There is zero point in making a documentary about Tilikum and then wandering off down another path entirely to “expose” the cruelty of keeping Tokitae at Miami. It’s a whole other story.

Killer whales DO need saving. Every heard of the SRKW’s??? The collective name for J, K and L pods. The resident Orca families decimated by Orca hunters, desperate to add to the captive “collection”. It would be great to see a documentary about the SRKW’s. Then people could see exactly why they are endangered and which greedy self-serving corporation contributed so massively to their plight.

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I feel exactly the same way when accidentally stumbling upon yet another tedious and heavily edited “Believe” video on Youtube.  Music is deafening too. (Which I think is what you meant….hard to tell).

Pure word salad.

Pure word salad.


Not one single person in “Blackfish” mentioned your name or made any critique of how you interact with Orca. It isn’t a lie because nobody has done what you accuse them of. Nobody can argue with that, either.

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 It isn’t unnecessary. Or do you condemn Kshamenk and Tokitae to solitary confinement for ever?

People have taken the energy and passion surrounding a movie and made a difference. Remember “Free Willy”?? I think it made something of an impact, wouldn’t you say? Certainly did for Keiko…..










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