An Open Letter To My Stalker

Dear Stalker
Yes, I know your name, but I wouldn’t dream of making it public.
I have no such reservations about making your actions public.

Since I published your efforts to interfere with a federal investigation I have received many threatening messages, you have attempted to trace the URL and have unsuccessfully tried to have this blog removed.
All because you and your cohorts tried to take the law into your own hands. You attempted to entrap, humiliate, defame and harass an employee of OSHA who is under investigation. You clearly wanted your 5 minutes of fame. Which, coincidentally, you achieved. Except it wasn’t the fame you wanted, was it? It was the wrong kind of fame, because I exposed your conversation. Not any identities, just your words. Which you don’t own.

I am not your “spy”. I merely published the information that was passed to me by someone who was, I believe, involved in the whole pathetic little affair in the first place. I strongly suggest that you direct your venom somewhere a little closer to home. Don’t expect me to tell you who they are, either. In exactly the same way as I would never reveal your identity, their anonymity is also assured.

Continue to harass me, send threatening messages and call your lawyer (still waiting for them to contact me, by the way) because it just adds to the growing pile of evidence of your hate campaign against me. I know you will see this, because I know that you follow this blog. Remember also, that I know your name and email address which I will quite happily pass on to the relevant authorities, should I need to. 

You can hide behind your age all you like, but you are quite clearly of an age where you understand the consequences of your actions. You intended to blacken the name of an OSHA employee (cause) with the express intention of forcing them to lose their job (effect), therefore you must be fully aware that whatever action you take has an effect. Your age is relatively inconsequential. 

This is the first and only time I shall waste valuable energy in pointing out to you that your actions are potentially illegal and very damaging to you as a person. No doubt you will cry “victim” and say I am threatening you. That is the kind of person you seem to be. Make no mistake little one, this is not a threat. That is what you do to me, not what I do to you. Consider it, instead, a reminder that if children want to stray into the affairs of adults, then they need to be prepared for the consequences. If they aren’t, then it’s always better to be seen and not heard.




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