Sex, Suicide, and NAZI Strategy: Another Way of Looking at the California Orca Bill

Wow, I can only surmise that you are attention-seeking with your outrageous and highly offensive references to the Holocaust.
This bill is about care and welfare, NOT something that the Nazi’s were overly fussed about when it came to their victims. Do you even understand what the Holocaust was? Judging by your ill-thought out comments I can only surmise that you imagine it to be a handful of Jewish people who were looked after for their own protection, but who ultimately died. Or killed themselves with pneumonia.
If you want a Holocaust in the animal world, then look inside a slaughterhouse, it really doesn’t matter where you live on this planet because they are all the same. That is where you will find mass slaughter on a scale that the Nazi’s thankfully never reached, although they tried.


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