Time To Name And Shame?

Several weeks ago I posted a blog about children straying into the adult world.

A group of SeaWorld supporters decided that they would try to interfere with an investigation by OSHA into the conduct of one of their employees.

They plotted and planned to “honey trap” the employee into admitting that their conduct was improper while at the same time “flooding” the OSHA email address with hate mail and wild accusations against the employee.

I was passed this information which, after careful removal of ALL identifying names and profile pictures, I inserted into my blog. My reason was plain, interfering with, and harassing those involved in, a federal investigation is a crime. It might not be on the scale of OJ Simpson but harassment is harassment and it’s still a crime.

The “SWoopies” (sorry, but I cannot be bothered writing out SeaWorld supporters every time) took umbrage at the fact that I was passed this information and that I used it.

I was threatened with lawyers and accused of theft:

But it's acceptable to harass someone?

But it’s acceptable to harass someone?


Even “mommy” felt compelled to join in:




There is a whole heap more of this semi-literate nonsense (are children actually taught grammar and spelling these days?) which frankly is too tiresome to even bother with, but you get the gist?

Anyway, I decided that this “kid” needed to move on with his life and wrote him an open letter, in the hope that he’d go back to being a good little boy and stop harassing people. I would like to point out again (for the hard of thinking) that harassment is a crime.

With spectacular ignorance and a complete and utter disregard for life and limb, “kid” continued on with his bizarre harassment. Even going so far as messaging people who merely shared the original blog, in his obsessive quest for what ever it is he is seeking.


I presume it is “the truth”, well the truth is that he tried to pervert the course of a OSHA investigation through incitement and harassment. The fact that I picked up on it and refuse (thus far) to reveal my identity is what he is “seeking”. He wants to know who I am so that he can deluge my personal email and Facebook message box with his hatred and bile. On what page does it say that I wish for this to happen?

At no point have I revealed his identity, or that of his fellow “SWoopies”, but he will quite happily reveal and vilify mine?

I have entered into no communication with the child, despite copious messages and threats from him, both in my WordPress comments box and around the internet community.

However, things have taken a further twist. Don’t say it, I already know. He needs a life, right? Well, he’s now targeting a complete stranger who is in no way connected to me or this blog.

There are no other words to describe this other than bullying and harassment.
In this instance I have completely failed to remove his identity, I have the permission of his victim to use this image which is in the public domain via Tumblr in any case.

sara blog 3

Highly obnoxious


Threats and abuse? This is the work of a child who, back in the day, would have got a severe spanking!

So what if she goes to SeaWorld? If that makes her a “shithead” (what ever the hell that means) then what little ones does that make YOU? What business is it of yours in any case? I know many anti-captivity supporters who regularly visit SeaWorld, but they don’t go there to lord it over captive dolphins and pretend that there is some mythical connection between the captive and themselves. They go to put their own minds at rest over the health and welfare of these astonishing animals, they go to check out new developments regarding trainer activity and to report back to those who can’t or won’t go themselves. Remind me, who released the first pictures of Nakai’s horrific injury? The first time I saw it was via an anti-captivity Facebook page, not SeaWorld’s page.

sara blog 2

Wow. such hatred.

Tell me in what universe is it acceptable to use someone’s disability against them?
I know a lot about autism and I can promise you this, it is NOT the kind of disability that can switched on and off at will. It is incredibly debilitating and a life-long disability for which there is only management and no cure.

NO autistic person would use their disability for “favours”. To suggest otherwise smacks of hatred and (bizarrely) jealousy. The condescending attitude reeks of the schoolyard bully, which of course he is.

So, take this as your first and final warning. Unless you publicly apologise to this poor girl who for some reason has attracted your unwanted and unasked for attention I will make sure that everyone knows who and what you really are. Bullying and abuse are completely unacceptable and when it is directed at an innocent and disabled person, well…..even pond life will look down on you.

Doubtless you will, once again, hide behind you age but let me remind you that being 16 (as you claim to be) does not prevent you from breaking laws. You do NOT have carte blanche to do what you want because you are a “kid”.

Remember, this is your first and final warning to cease and desist your hate campaign against both myself and now this poor girl who has committed the “crime” of going against something you claim to “love”.



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