The Book What I Wrote Part II


There are so many ways to raise awareness regarding animal rights and welfare, some people can obviously do more than others but everyone can do something in their own way. Protests. Petitions. Fund raising for charities. Running in marathons. Walking vast and crazy distances. Rejecting meat and animal products from their diet. Holding silent vigil for lost lives. The list is endless as more and more people think of inventive ways to get the message across. Even just by sharing a post on Facebook or a Tweet on Twitter makes a difference. Many people learned about the horrors of places like Taiji and the Solomon Islands through social media and Blackfish owes a debt to the “keyboard activists” who shared and kept the movie’s momentum going in the early days, long before the Blackfish effect took hold.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…..Protests WORK. To dismiss them in favour of past experiences which merely glamorize the captive industry is to slap the faces of everyone who, in their own time and on their own dime, work hard to raise awareness.


Raising awareness and blood pressure

Peaceful, colourful, respectful in Las Vegas

Peaceful, colourful, respectful in Las Vegas

I think you'll find you're wrong.

I think you’ll find you’re wrong.

Don't go there. Just don't.

Don’t go there. Just don’t.

While we’re on the subject of protesting, please try to remember that if you make disparaging remarks towards anyone who protests then you are aiming your condescension at all protesters whether they are equal rights, animal welfare, anti-abortion, gay pride or any other movement who feel strongly enough about their cause to want to raise awareness.
Protests work.
Posting pictures of yourself with captive orca and making rude remarks about people who actually want to make a difference doesn’t work.

pirtle book 7

So Only What You Say Is True? Nah!

Not getting it, are you?

Not getting it, are you?

The “end-all answer of sea pens”? Seriously, you are comparing the exhibition pen in Taiji (of all places) where Nami lived for almost 25 years.

Picture Credit: Taiji Whale Museum

Picture Credit: Taiji Whale Museum

With this, a purpose-built sea pen that was never meant to hold Keiko so that he could perform tricks for paying customers.
It’s no wonder that Nami ate rocks.


Keiko’s Seapen

There is no comparison. Keiko was headed for release. Nami never was. She left her sea-cage and died less than a year later in the care of the Port of Nagoya Aquarium where she was housed in the hopes that she would breed. Keiko left his concrete cell and died a wild whale 5 years later of pneumonia, a common enough cause of death for wild orca. Crucially it rarely, if ever, involves the ingestion of stones.
Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Keiko and Nami are only ever compared with each other by the author of this manuscript, who it is alleged is none other than Bridgette Pirtle. As far as I am aware she hasn’t claimed ownership. I don’t blame her.

Again. No.

Again. No.

Admittedly, due to prolonged captivity in concrete cells orca teeth can suffer drastically and need daily attention to prevent potential fatal infection, but this husbandry is performed from the edge of the pool. There would be no need for anyone to enter the water in the first place. This isn’t an opportunity to resume waterworks for the spotlight-hungry, it’s a rehabilitation process designed to return the orca to as near as normal setting as possible.  To prevent the need for a rescue simply install movable guard rails in the spot where husbandry procedures occur and never perform the action alone. How hard is that?
We don’t want the animals thrown back and left to get on with it. We never have. We don’t say that. We want them rehabilitated and returned if it is possible. Given the cruelty involved in keeping orca in captivity in the first place, we are painfully aware that many of them can never be completely free. Some of us also recognise with ever-increasing sadness that there may be some who couldn’t even survive the trauma and stress of moving, never mind rehab. But that should not condemn the rest to a life as a grotesque parody of what a real orca is. A real orca isn’t “Shamu”. It’s Ocean Sun….it’s Blackberry…’s Holly….it’s Fife….it’s all the free orca.

Working with an apex predator is dangerous.

You sure?

You sure?

Hang on….no it isn’t.

Erm...dangerous but not jepardising. Right.

Erm…dangerous but not jeopardising. Right.

Oh. That’s awkward.




The truth is that the “truth” keeps changing depending on which side Bridgette (if this is indeed her manuscript) is on. She’s been on both, so quite how she expects to be taken seriously is eyebrow raising to say the least.

“I don’t bully” she says, but libel is OK?

pirtle libel

Libel. Right there.

stolendolphins has never bullied anyone. It’s very hard to bully someone when you weren’t even involved in the alleged incident in the first place. Still, don’t let the truth get in the way whatever you do.

edited threat

Threats and intimidation are OK though…

As for cheating, well…..

Cheating? I rather think it is...

Cheating? I rather think it is…

12,523 fake people can’t all be wrong. Still, so long as  nobody “fakes a past” though, eh?….just fakes twitter followers in a desperate attempt to appear genuine. Sounds like someone needs to reassess their understanding of the word “truth”. Perhaps I could recommend an extended break from all forms of social media? Let’s say until after the birth of the baby? Which gives us a lovely break up until August. No, hang on….I mean October….Aw, dang it to heck….let’s just say when the baby graduates from college. That at least will be far more cut and dried….and longer. Much longer.



Edited to remove the names of people with whom I have no ax to grind.









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