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Wolfgang Kiessling, President of Loro Parque has felt the need to defend his company by writing an open letter to “the defenders of nature”.

stolendophins would like to reply.

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Wrong from the opening line.

To start with, it has been a LOT longer than “recent months” that we have all been campaigning for better treatment for Morgan. It started way back on day 1 ~ which was June 2010. Not “recent months” by anyone’s standards.

On top of that, Morgan’s story was picked up by an established British newspaper the “Daily Mirror”, the 3rd best-selling tabloid in the UK, and the “Sunday People” a sister paper to the “Daily Mirror”. With a combined readership of almost 1.5 million people per day (plus countless online hits) could this really be regarded as a “minority”?  It would be prudent to point out at this stage that the demographics of both Loro Parque and the newspapers previously mentioned share some very similar components. Not to mention that both editions are widely distributed in Tenerife, home to a large ex-pat community and a holiday hot spot for Brits looking for a sunny break. The very people who would visit Loro Parque in the first place…–3433963


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It would have been almost impossible for Loro Parque to have not been an improvement on Morgan’s tank at  Dolfinarium Harderwijk:

Picture Credit: Nekane Manjón

Picture Credit: Nekane Manjón

“Loro Parque never asked to incorporate Morgan into its group of orcas…” It didn’t say “no” though, did it? It also fails to admit that the orca at Loro Parque don’t actually belong to the park either. They belong to SeaWorld and are in Tenerife under “breeding loan”. So presumably SeaWorld had a say in whether or not Morgan would be “incorporated” or not? They are hardly going to decline, given that they need a new addition to their tiny orca gene pool….The pod at Loro Parque are highly dysfunctional, inbred and 1 of them has killed a man. I wouldn’t want to incorporate a dead herring into that.


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Isn’t it time we stopped bringing so many lives into the world then? It’s not like we can go anywhere else…
Zoos are NOT embassies. Captive animals are NOT ambassadors. They are, in many cases, grotesque parodies of the real thing. An embassy is:

Official residence? The animals have somewhere else they can go to get away from the public? Nope.

They were sent to Loro Parque (their “official residence”) on a mission from the King of the Orca? Again, nope.

Tellingly, the origin of the word “ambassador” is Latin. It means “a servant”. So LP are admitting, knowingly or not, that their animals are servants…..Hmm.



Why does Mr Kiessling continue with the oh-so tedious slurs against people who don’t agree with every syllable he utters? Is he aware that it only makes him appear childish and petulant?
Actually, probably not, for as this picture clearly shows he’d rather insert his finger into his nostril…I think we have the measure of the man.

Brad Andrews waves...Wolfgang Keissling......doesn't.

Brad Andrews waves. Wolfgang Keissling……doesn’t. (Picture Credit Dr Ingrid Visser.)

Mr Keissling is clearly blissfully unaware of the lives that the “fanatics”save by hauling out miles of abandoned and illegal fishing nets from the ocean every year, or the beach cleaning operations carried out by an army of volunteers all over the world.

If it’s the saving of an entire species he wants, then perhaps he should turn his gaze toward  Hiroshi Hasegawa. 

This remarkable gentleman saved the Short Tailed Albatross from extinction:

But maybe he doesn’t count as none of the Albatross were ever captured for display?


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It doesn’t matter what organisations you belong to, that isn’t being questioned. The question is “can you satisfactorily replicate the environment of the animal regarding it’s size, range, social needs and natural dietary requirements?”
The answer to that is a resounding “no, you can’t”. So while I applaud any conservation efforts, they are rather negated by the fact that on the one hand you herald your in-situ conservation yet do very little to improve the conditions for the animals that are ex-situ.

If this is true, then why is this planet going to Hell in a handcart?

If this is true, then why is this planet going to Hell in a handcart?


Loro Parque is, first and foremost a commercial venture. The sole purpose is to make money. It donates a miniscule amount of profit to “nature” and gives nothing to its captive orca. Visitors to the park who have reviewed it on Tripadvisor  make almost no mention of how educational they found the orca show nor do they seem to be lining up to get out there and “defend nature”.

The aim of Loro Parque, as it is will all captive and commercial ventures, is to get you to return.

If 700 million people were inspired to “defend nature” then they would want to defend it from exploitation and therefore never return to a zoo again.

If 700 million people were inspired to “defend nature” then there would be plenty of people to help stop the slaughter of elephants for their tusks, rhino for their horn, tigers for their skins and bones, sharks for their fins, birds for their plumage, foxes for their pelts…the list is endless.

If Loro Parque cared about anything but money then it would become a charity, committed to improving the lives and well-being of its/SeaWorld’s orca and plough the profits back into the “nature” it claims to “defend”.





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