The Grindadrap, A Very Hit And Myth Affair. Part I.

I am utterly against the slaughter of ANY animal regardless of species.

I am also against mis-information, censorship and downright lies. The Faroe Island Grindadrap is a complex and sensitive issue which demands that we non-Faroese treat it with respect and due consideration. There is a wealth of information about the hunt, it has been in operation for centuries after all, but sadly not a lot of it is based anywhere near fact.

A collection of “facts” picked up from social media sites…..

“Pilot whales are an endangered species”

 Sorry, but they are NOT an endangered species. The IUCN lists both the long and the short-finned Pilot Whale as “Data Deficient”.

Pilot Whale 1

 This doesn’t mean they are in plentiful supply, nor does it mean that we are down to our last half a dozen. It simply means that we don’t have enough data.

“This is a slaughter that kills whales and dolphins and kills children’s minds”

No it doesn’t. Blind hatred and indoctrination does that to a child’s mind.

Picture Credit Bob Jordan

Picture Credit Bob Jordan

 “Feeding Faroes children tainted whale meat is tantamount to child abuse”

No. It really isn’t. (It isn’t whale meat either. It’s dolphin. Not that it makes it OK, it doesn’t.) Child abuse is defined thus:


 Allowing for location interpretations, if Faroese children are being poisoned by dolphin meat, then I can surely charge every single person who has ever bought a child a burger (insert favourite meat-based junk food preference) of “child abuse”?

The meat you feed your children is not pure. It will contain steroids, hormones and antibiotics at the very least.  Let’s not even think about the levels of salt, sugar, dubious chemicals and saturated fats contained within the bun and the inevitable soda/shake accompaniment.

  “(…it is inhumane and a pure insult to these beautiful animals to be) forced to shore and then stabbed, shot, ripped open and slaughtered for a delicacy the world can do without.”

They are not stabbed, shot, beaten, tortured, molested or ripped open. They are driven as close to shore as possible (in specifically designated places) and once beached their spinal cords are severed causing in many cases almost immediate death. Like this…..

The carcass is then opened to allow gasses to escape…..

No, it isn’t pretty. Find me a slaughterhouse floor that is. This “delicacy” rarely finds its way into the world as the Grindadrap is almost completely non-commercial (some meat has been seen for sale in supermarkets and is offered to guests and tourists on the Islands, so it is only fair to say “almost completely non-commercial”).

 “The Faroe Islands are the Taiji of the North”

 While the herding process is the same as Taiji in as much as the dolphins are herded/driven into a cove by means of boats and sound disorientation, that is where the similarities end.


Hunt is opportunistic.

Hunters specifically leave port to seek dolphins.

Hunt is carried out on boats which drive the dolphins towards designated coves/shallow beaches.

Hunt is carried out on boats which drive the dolphins towards a designated cove.

Entire pod is slaughtered immediately.

Pod may be held for up to 6 days.

Dolphins are injured and unduly aggravated by the actions of the hunters.

Large pods are often split for selection process.

Dolphins drown in the nets.

Trainers select dolphins for the lucrative captive marine mammal market.

Orphaned calves and juveniles are returned to the ocean without hope of survival.

Pod is slaughtered by means of severing the spinal cord causing almost-always instant death.

Pod is slaughtered by means of “pithing” (driving a spike into the base of the skull) causing a slower and more painful death.

Meat found to be diseased is discarded.


Meat production is not a commercial enterprise.

Meat production is a commercial enterprise.


 “The death of a dolphin is worse than that of a cow”

No it isn’t.

The fact that the dolphin is wild and the cow has been kept in unnatural conditions since birth and was born to die in order to feed an ever-growing population does NOT make it worse. If anything, some could argue that at least the dolphin had a life before death, which the poor beleaguered cow never did.

The slaughter of a dolphin is exactly the same as the slaughter of any animal. No living creature desires to die, especially in such a brutal manner and environment as a slaughterhouse.

Emotionally blackmailing people into believing that  death  is less damaging to the cow than it would be to a dolphin is quite simply utter nonsense, deeply disrespectful and highly damaging.

Just ask the cow.



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