The Grindadrap: A Very Hit And Myth Affair. Part II.



It is so very easy to get drawn into the myth of the Grindadrap opposition.

The high drama on the high seas and all that.

The romance of pseudo-pirates poetically penning passionate prose dedicated to ending all whale slaughter with the stroke of a pen…..I could almost swoon. In the best tradition of a Victorian lady reading Browning, naturally.

Which is all well and good, we all need an outlet, but let the facts speak for themselves. For anyone opposed to the slaughter of animals ~ be they pilot whales or sheep ~ the facts are enough. Hyperbole and rhetoric and drama are unwanted and totally unnecessary.

Yet, the mythtery-machine does not run on word-power alone. Oh, no….it demands direct action and celebrity appearances to add credence to its existence. If a little bit of contradiction and not-quite-the-truth should appear in the mix, well that can be effortlessly sifted out via censorship and blatant denial.

Anyone who is following the current Faroe Island saga, no matter which side of the fence you stand, can not have missed the recent high drama regarding a pod of approximately 20 Pilot Whales who (as it turns out) haplessly swam into a Faroe Island fjord, and slap bang into a furious war of words.

Would there be a hunt? Would there be skirmishes? Would there be blood (human)? Would there be live stream? Don’t you just love drama?

Erm. No.

The sea was lumpy. It was getting dark. The hunt was not called. The Pilot Whales were, initially, quite safe in the fjord.

That, however, did not stop an intrepid and really quite dangerous rescue mission to drive the dolphins from their place of safety back out into the open sea. A mission that was completed successfully with no loss of life or limb. So that’s alright then. The hunters (who weren’t hunting) were thwarted and the dolphins were saved from imminent danger (even though there was none) and driven from a place of safety. Driven, I am reliably informed, quite harshly given that they were not in any danger of being hunted at that point. But it’s OK folks, because they were “saved”, and that’s the important thing.  Mythtion accomplished.

The dolphins are, presumably, swimming happily about the ocean, none the worse for their rather odd little encounter with the human race. We don’t know this for certain, although given the amount of high-tech equipment supposedly taken to the islands, I find it lax that not one person thought to maybe try to tag one of the Pilot Whales? Is that just a step too far in the conservation and understanding of these creatures? Or is it more important to be seen to be taking any kind of action and metaphorically slap the face of the Faorese hunters?

Just as a side note, I have been told that the Pilot Whales would “be dead by now” had direct “intervention” not taken place. I find this rather defeatist given that the whole point of “invading” the Faroe Islands is to stop the Grindadrap, “by any means possible”.

Hot on the heels of all this direct action comes a celebrity. Slightly delayed due to the bad weather (the weather that possibly prevented the Grindadrap?) enter stage left…….Pamela Anderson. Famous for appearing in a TV series 20 years ago, Pammie (yes, we in the UK do call her that) strutted her stuff in a press conference designed to tell the world that she wasn’t putting up with this dolphin-hunting any longer. It’s “barbaric” she said “a stain on the country” she opined “end this archaic abomination” she urged all forward-thinking Faroese.

Then she went on a sight-seeing tour.

Still, it was gratifying to see that old habits are hard to shake off

Watching the Bay?

Watching the Bay?


I wish Ms Anderson no ill, and I applaud her efforts to raise awareness of the slaughter of which ever animal she wishes. But, how can she, or any other Canadian-born advocate, point their finger and raise their voices at the Faroe Islanders when this is happening in Canada?

Is this not also a barbaric abomination? It must surely be counted as a “stain” too? Yet where are the protests? Where are the “invaders”? Where is the outrage at people standing on a freshly killed whale carcass? Anti-whaling advocates are horrified at the time it takes for a Pilot Whale to die during the Grindadrap, yet this Bowhead took a staggering ONE HOUR AND 45 MINUTES TO DIE, in unimaginable agony.

Abominable stain.

Abominable stain.


It is hypocrisy of the first and highest order.

No wonder the Faroese do not take you seriously. Why on earth should they?


*stolendolphins does not support the slaughter of Pilot whales or any other animal.








2 responses to “The Grindadrap: A Very Hit And Myth Affair. Part II.

  1. Hanus Johannessen

    Evidently someone with the ability to see the SS campaign for what it is. I’m glad we can both identify the lies and ridiculousness, even though you seem to oppose what we do.

    You, I would listen to.

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