Opinions? You Can’t Have One!

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
Everyone should have the right to express that opinion.

Opinions and healthy debate change things.  They always have and they always will.

Hate and aggression changes absolutely nothing.

Anyone who dares express an opinion about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (hereafter referred to simply as SS) knows exactly what I mean.
For everyone else, here is a little taster of what you can expect should you try.

This is a post daring to suggest that the members of the SS look hostile.


Remember, it's an opinion.

Remember, it’s an opinion.

The first response was reasonable….. But, like almost every single one that follows, inaccurate.

sdot 2

For some reason it starts to turn into a fashion debate

Who knows?

Who knows?

The answer is, of course, no. Which rather adds some credence to the original opinion of them looking intimidating. This obvious fact  goes right over their heads.

Still, the next person decides to talk about the legal aspect. Maybe they don’t like the colour pink?

Erm....the government, dear.

Erm….the government, dear.

I have to say though, she’s right in that laws aren’t always right, but they are laws and therefore should be recognised  and best not broken.

This person acknowledges that the law was broken. What is it with SS? One says one thing and another says the complete opposite. A cynical person could easily suppose that they manipulate things to their own ends. Not that I’m in any way cynical. Of course. A realist might suggest that they simply don’t know what they’re on about.

Yes it is. Deal with it.

Yes it is legal. Tell your friends because they don’t seem to understand.


Now we get on to my favourite recurring theme from the SS. That old chestnut “why don’t you….” a fine example is shown here:

Ha Ha Ha. No.

Ha Ha Ha. No.

Interesting observation that SS will only work when we all do what we can, So quite clearly SS aren’t working, because we aren’t all doing what we can. Not purchasing a flight for one thing. Does that mean it’s MY fault? I guess it is as I wouldn’t join the SS for all the money I could raise via the Go fund Me site…

Mocking now has to be put to one side, because this post is deeply offensive. There is absolutely NO justification at all for this comment, and I am utterly appalled that 6 obviously like-minded people approved of it. Remember these people are representing SS and supporting SS. For no other reason THIS is why SS needs reining in:
sdot 8

Moving swiftly on let’s get back to the personal insults. This person clearly has some issues, but he runs true to form with name-calling and the good old “why don’t you” and then the not-truth. Well done to you, scored a hat-trick. Are you proud?  Next time, try putting it all in one post, it just makes for better continuity and takes up less space.  Or better still, engage your obvious genius before you start banging out your hate posts. Retard? The best insult, never!

Don't you just love a good meaty debate?

Don’t you just love a good meaty debate?

Oh, he unliked the page. So much easier when they do all the work for you. Seeing as he never commented on the page other than to write this load of nonsense, it is no real loss to anyone. I am also curious as to why this lovely silver-tongued chap would want me to send my donkey “out there”, for a start I am not sure that a donkey is really going to be of much help, they aren’t known for their debating skills. Secondly, and far more importantly, I don’t actually have a donkey….

Delightfully though he proclaims that SS are “defending torture and protecting their identities from the dangerous people who kill”. Just perfect. All those painful years of schooling weren’t wasted after all.

Here we go again, more “why don’t you….”

Why don't YOU?

Why don’t YOU?

Actually, I DO know the background. It’s a school. That’s already been established. Additionally, if you compare my efforts with the efforts of the SS we are level. I haven’t prevented a grind either.

Now, about half way through this 14 hour confrontation a very special person enters the scene. Again, someone who does not contribute to the page, but has obviously received the same facebook personal message as everyone else and absolutely feels the need to make a complete and utter fool of herself. Repeatedly.

Seems reasonable

Seems reasonable


Ah. Less reasonable.

Ah. Less reasonable.

Right? Or just not wrong?

Right? Or just not wrong?

Is "unhinged" too strong?

Is “unhinged” too strong?

Still not wrong.

Still not wrong.

She finally ran out of hot air, and a troll took her place. What an evening this was turning out to be. This guy needs a mention for his special talent of having an idea and not wanting to let it go. I guess it’s because they don’t come along very often.

SS save whales. Right?

SS save whales. Right?

The only time a grindadrap has been called since SS invaded the Faroe Islands, the SS have completely failed to save any one of the 33 pilot whales that were slaughtered. Their tactics actually hindered the slaughter, causing more suffering to the animals. Yeah, go SS!

I have absolutely no doubt that many countries and their conservation organisations would be very much against the slaughter if it was actually illegal. In fact, I know that they are. They just don’t want to break the law. Silly old them, not wanting a reputation as bad as the SS.

Dog, meet bone.

Dog, meet bone.

I would have been rooting for 2008 myself. SS weren’t there and absolutely ZERO dolphins died. Still, let’s not tell Dave…

Let it go, Dave.

Let it go, Dave.

Records have been kept for centuries, Dave yet you’ve only seen “a couple”. I wouldn’t trust your research, especially as the figure quoted for last year is out by a couple of hundred. Over 1100 is right, but the recorded figure is 1524. Bit of a difference, Dave. Additionally, people with far more knowledge than Dave will tell you that the interest in the Grindadrap by the islanders themselves (so in other words, the people who really matter) was waning before SS decided to wade in with their aggressive rhetoric and “direct action”.

Dear old Dave has now turned into a bit of a stalker, having been seen posting the same old stuff on pages that have absolutely no connection to the Stolen Dolphins of Taiji….you just can’t keep a good man down!

It's stalker Dave!

It’s stalker Dave!

Despite having been told that no, the person he addressed is NOT the Stolen Dolphins of Taiji (which by the way they aren’t. I am.) Dave continues singing the only song he knows….SIX DAYS after he first appeared on the SDOT page. Tenacity knows no bounds!

Yeah.....yeah....whatevs Dave

Yeah…..yeah….whatevs Dave

Dave…..2008. No slaughter. No SS. No chance of thanking people for breaking the law either. Especially when they didn’t actually save anything. Honestly….they had one job.

One of the major problems with SS cultists is that they are never wrong. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they still believe that what they are doing actually makes a difference, and that everyone else is fair game to be derided.



sdot 23

That is what thugs do.

I am not sure why these petty thugs find an ancient and peaceful Japanese art-form so offensive. Could it be that it’s because it’s Japanese? I would rather fold 10,000 origami whales than support thugs and bullies.

At the end of the day, that’s all SS are. Thugs and bullies. If you don’t agree with them and their “direct action” then you are on the “other” side. If only life was that black and white……

Is this the best they can do?

Is this the best they can do?



Scared of the colour white. The internationally recognised colour of PEACE.

Scared of the colour white. The internationally recognised colour of PEACE.

At least Dave sings the same song all the time.

At least Dave sings the same song all the time. Even if he is wrong.


The final montage has to go to this……person…..who is quite clearly utterly deranged.

sdot 28


Make no mistake, this is no isolated incident. Go to ANY SS site and you will find post after post calling for the beheading of Faroese children, tsunamis, snipers, “nukes” and a general “plague on all your houses” along with insults, derogatory comments and a general ignorance of really basic topics such as biology, geography and politics.

The founder of the SS has even shown a remarkable lack of understanding in these most basic subjects. He refuses to accept, in defiance of the obvious, that the Faroe Islands are not part of the EU. They aren’t. They never have been. He asks how the remaining members of the “Faroese Fourteen” can be deported from the EU, when they are EU citizens themselves. If only the SS hadn’t ostracized their Belgian volunteer for taking cannabis to the islands……he would have been able to explain that. The Faroese sent him packing, out of their non-EU country right back to his EU member state of Belgium.

Is it any wonder that more and more individuals are becoming increasingly tired of SS propaganda?

This doesn’t save animals. It feeds the propaganda machine and keeps the donations rolling in….what on earth are these donations used for? We are told that volunteers pay for themselves yet there are Go Fund Me  requests all over the internet asking for money to send this one here and that one there, and then when they get there they want more money for flashy equipment and food!


Do these volunteers actually spend any of their own money? Do they not already own cameras? Memory cards? Coffee? Or do they only buy their it-isn’t-a-uniform-even-though-it-is-really from the ebay shop?

How does any of this save one single animal?

In short, it doesn’t. It never will. If you want the Grindadrap to end you HAVE to talk to the people. The grindmen who actually slaughter the dolphins. You MUST engage with THEM if you really want to see an end to this. They, and their government, are the only people who have the power to stop the slaughter. Standing moodily around in your black no-really-it-isn’t-a-uniform does nothing but increase hostility and resentment among a people who are naturally warm, friendly, tolerant and welcoming.

Leave the Islands and the slaughter will decrease and stop. Many of the younger generation aren’t overly interested in the slaughter, but they will defend their tradition when it is threatened by foreigners who have absolutely no right to tell them what to do. Keep up the hate campaign against them, and the slaughter will increase.

A cynical person would say that perhaps that is what SS wants. It keeps the donations rolling in, after all.

A realist wouldn’t use the word “perhaps”.






One response to “Opinions? You Can’t Have One!

  1. Nice, it is the voice of reason. Too bad there will be not too many to listen. It is easier to demonize. it helps a lot of them to sleep better at night.

    If ONLY people would lear how to listen! There will be much less sorrow in this world.

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