The Grindadrap, A Very Hit And Myth Affair. Part III.


(I am rather keen on facts though.)

     Unless otherwise stated, all comments regarding the Grindadrap were made by SSCS founder Paul Watson and are written in red.


Denmark orders deportation of foreign nationals who broke the law.

Go there

Go there

Myth 2: “A Danish Judge convicts five Sea Shepherd volunteers of the “crime” of attempting to save the lives of Pilot whales.
Denmark orders the payment of 200,000 kroner (about €30,000) in fines or imprisonment for 14 days.”

A Danish judge convicts five Sea Shepherd volunteers of the crime of interfering with a legal activity.



Myth 3: “Sea Shepherd and the five volunteers refuse to pay the fine and demand their right to serve their time.
As Rosie Kunneke said, “We demand to serve the time for our crimes of compassion.”

Since when does the criminal get to choose their own punishment? It’s not your decision, love. Never mind the obvious confusion between one party and another. Mr Watson calls it a “crime”, intimating that he feels it isn’t, while Ms Kunneke declares it a “crime of compassion” intimating that she feels it is.

"Wanna go prison!"

“Wanna go prison!”

Myth 4: “Denmark refuses to allow the five to serve the time and orders the five to be deported despite the fact that the sentences are being appealed.”

Crafty old Denmark. It is abundantly clear that the Sea Shepherd volunteers acted illegally. There are hours of video footage from various parties documenting that. How is an appeal going to suddenly change that? The laws are clear and the laws were broken. There is less martyrdom to be had from being sent home with your tail between your legs than to be photographed exultantly walking out of prison after doing “porridge” for a fortnight.

Not wanted

Not wanted

Myth 5: “The Danes refuse to answer the question of how can Denmark deport a European Union citizen if Denmark is a member of the European Union?”

Because the Danes probably consider it a really pointless question? In all fairness though, Danish people have repeatedly responded to this question, but their comments have been routinely removed from Mr Watson’s social media outlets.

So, one more time for the benefit of the hard of thinking. Denmark is a country in her own right. She has her own navy, she has her own borders. She is also a member state of the European Union. The EU is not a country. It is a collective of member states. Each state has their own leaders and legislation. If an individual from another member state should break the law then, if the legislation of that country permits it, they can and will be deported back to their country of origin. The only people the Danish couldn’t deport are Danes. There are probably a million precedents, but just think of that Belgian Sea Shepherd volunteer from 2014. You know, the one who was deported for possession of cannabis. He went straight back home. He didn’t disappear up his own fundament in a maelstrom of confusion. He just went home. To Belgium. A member state of the European Union.

Nope, that isn't the country of Europe either.

Nope, that isn’t the country of Europe either.

Myth 6: “The Faroese whalers and the Danes who support them are proud of the grindadrap (the murder of whales). But they should remember that Pride goeth before a fall as it says in the Bible. (Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.)”

The Sea Shepherd volunteers and the other people who support them are proud of “Operation Sleppid Grindini” (loosely translated as “free the whales” or “let the pod go away”). But they would also be wise to remember that “Pride goeth before a fall”. Surely being convicted of a crime qualifies as a “fall”? 

Additionally, the word “Grindadrap” does not mean “the murder of whales”, not even close. My Faroese friends (the ones who actually speak the language) tell me it translates as “Pilotwhalekill” or “Pilotwhalehunt”. The Faroese clearly understand that it is impossible to “murder” anything that isn’t a fellow human being.

St Valentine's Day massacre. This is murder.

St Valentine’s Day massacre. This is murder.

Not murder.

Not murder.

Myth 7: ” Under the new law tourists are obligated to report whale sightings to the whalers.”

Erm. No they aren’t. As the Faroese government makes clear in a statement published July 2015:
“(It is therefore) highly unlikely that an ordinary tourist, who has sighted pilot whales will be punished for not reporting this”. See full statement in the link below.

I want the killing to stop.

But I want the facts and the truth to be told, or the killing will never stop. 


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  1. carolemanch

    It is only when the world is aware of the facts and not the fiction spread by egomaniacs – that the cruelty will end

  2. carolemanch

    Beautifully written factual piece by stolendolphins – we need more facts – and far less fiction – well done x

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